Dave Calhoun2

Balanced Music Instruction w/Dave Calhoun


 Low-pressure lessons being giving by an experienced teacher. I teach lessons for guitar, bass, & begining ukulele (great for the kiddos). 
 Whether you’re just starting out, or an experienced player looking for new ideas, I design lessons based on your interests and goals. The main goal for me is that music should be fun, and not homework. I promote creativity, personal growth, and exposure to new styles/genres. I teach all ages from children to adults. I currently perform w/various groups around the NW area (on bass and guitar). I have been teaching for 18 years and performing music for the last 25 years. I attended the University of Idaho (Lionel Hampton School of Music), and S.F.C.C. I’ve had many great teachers and experiences to draw from, and wish to share these experiences with you. I’m versatile in most styles. I do offer lessons in a professional environment.

Areas of interest:
● Learning songs you enjoy
● Rhythm & Improvisation
● Left & Right hand techniques
● Relationships of scales, chords, and intervals
● Harmony & Melody
● Phrasing & Dynamics
● Ear Training