How to Use a Tuner

How to Use a Tuner

Using a guitar tuner depends on the type of tuner. There are two common types of guitar tuners. One is an audible tuner which emits a tone that you simply match the corresponding string’s pitch to i.e. the E string will be matched to the E tone. Another kind of tuner is an electronic tuner which “hears” the string’s pitch and shows whether it is flat or sharp. The electronic kind is most commonly used for electric guitars but many do have the ability to “hear” acoustics as well.

How to Tune a Guitar With a Tuner

Using an electronic tuner is the quickest and most accurate way to tune your guitar. Electronic tuners are small battery-run devices that indicate whether or not your guitar is in tune.

You can get an electronic tuner at most music stores. They are not too expensive (starting at $20) and are easy to operate. Ask for a tuner especially made for guitar tuning. It will be able to sense what string you are playing  E – A – D – G – B or E. Place the tuner on a table next to you and turn it on.Pluck the string you want to tune, using the tuner’s built-in microphone to pick up the sound. Look at the indicator – a flashing light and / or a meter. It will tell you how close you are to the right pitch and whether you are sharp or flat. Adjust your tuning accordingly by turning the string’s tuning key. Repeat this procedure for all 6 strings of the guitar. Here are a few styles for you to look at.

How to Choose a Guitar Tuner

A guitar tuner is a device that assists the guitar player in obtaining the perfect tension, and subsequent pitch, for each of the guitar’s stings. Choosing a guitar tuner is not as simple as going to a store and randomly selecting one. A guitar player must know which type of tuner is right for them and their specific guitar. The options include analog tuners, digital tuners, ones with LCD Displays, ones with deflecting needle displays, or simply tuning by ear. It is important to know which one is right for you.

Identify what type of guitar you will be tuning. If it is an electric guitar, then a digital tuner that runs through your amp and pedal board is probably the best option. However, if you are tuning an acoustic guitar, then you can choose either type. What is most important is how easy the tuner’s display can be read by you.

Select an analog tuner that is equipped with a deflecting needle if you want to have the option of a tuning range. The needle on the tuner  will deflect when a string is plucked, resting directly up and down when it is in perfect tune. However, some guitarists like for it to be a little higher or lower than perfect, and if that is you, then a analog needle display is the one you need.

Select a digital tuner if you have an electric guitar or a pedal board that you use. Digital tuners can be used along with any other guitar pedal without needing separate inputs. These tuners will have a series of LED lights that range from red to green, and back to red. When you pluck a string, the display will light up red if you are out of tune and light up green when you have hit the correct tune.

Tuning your guitar by ear is another type of guitar tuner—and one you do not need to buy. After you have played the guitar for awhile, you start to develop an ear for the sound. If this is you, try tuning your guitar by ear first before spending the money on a tuner. This works extremely well on an acoustic guitar. You can use a tuning fork for this as well. You can get tuning forks in various keys.

Place your finger on the fifth fret of the sixth string, low E. Now pluck the open fifth string; when this string is tuned correctly it will sound exactly like the fifth fret of the sixth string. Continue this for all the strings, tuning them so that the string you are tuning sounds exactly like the fifth fret of the string that preceded it. The only exception is that the second string will sound like the fourth fret of the third string instead of the fifth.

Well that’s just a few idea’s for tuners and there uses. Remember, If you keep yourself tuned up, lifes pitch will fall into place.