Cleaning Poly Finish

How to Clean a Polyurethane Finish Guitar

The most robust finish that a guitar can have is polyurethane finish. You are lucky if your guitar has a polyurethane finish, because you will be able to clean your guitar safely with just about anything. Here are some very simple cleaning basics that will leave your guitar shining like new and cost you far less than expensive creams and cleaning kits.

1)  Dampen the cleaning rag with warm water and wring it out completely. You do not want any chance of water pooling or building up in or on your guitar.

2)  Wipe the guitar down with the damp rag. Cover all the wooden areas of the guitar. Do not get the strings wet in the process. Gentle, circular motions work best but do not scrub the wood.

3)  If the guitar is extremely dirty, you may need more than one rag. Target any built up grime with additional pressure. You can elevate the pressure of the rag on spots that have dirt or grime stuck to them, but instead of scrubbing the guitar stick to the circular motions. Rather than smearing dirt around keep moving the damp cloth so that you are always wiping with a clean area of the cloth.

4)  Buff the guitar with a clean soft dry rag. This will give the guitar a beautiful, like-new shine and remove any dampness.

Once in a while you may want to apply a polish to help keep your finish and luster. Here are a few ideas for you.

If you wipe it off after playing with it, you won’t have to service it as often.