Cleaning Maple Fret Board

How to Clean a Maplewood Fret Board

Maple fret boards are a blonde color, usually with a yellow tint. They also have a protective coating. This coating requires you to clean the fret board the same way you would clean the body of the guitar. Do not use an abrasive cleaner to remove dirt from a maple fret board. To minimize the need to clean your guitar’s fret board, wipe down the guitar strings with a cloth after all of your playing sessions.

1)  Remove the strings from your guitar before cleaning the fret board (it’s easier to clean the Fret Board with the strings off). To remove the strings, loosen the tension of each string by turning the tuning keys. Once loosened, unwind each string from its tuning peg and detach it from your guitar or you could simply cut them after loosening if you are going to throw them away which I would recommend as they are hard to put back on if removed.  Doing so will give you unobstructed access to the fret board.

2)  Dampen a cloth with warm water and rub it onto the fret board to remove buildup of dirt and other substances.  There is often excess buildup on areas around the frets these areas need a little extra attention.

3)  On another clean cloth apply a guitar polish and wipe down the fret board to give it a final cleaning and protect the surface of the fret board.

Nearly all Maple fret boards are painted and must be treated as such. Just use care when trying to get a clean guitar. Here are some cleaners that work well with Maple Fret Boards.

Remember, the cleaner your stick the more fun it is to play with,