Bass Alternate Tuning 4 String

Bass Alternate Tuning 4 String.This is for standard tuning. Although it is for a guitar it may help you get your bass back in tune if you do not have a tuner handy.

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4 String Bass Alternative Tunings

First off, the basic drop D tuning. This tuning is D–A–D–G for a four stringed bass. The benefit is that you get the lower D without losing any higher notes. The downside is that the tuning isn’t very low.

Next up is D standard. This tuning on a four strings bass guitar is D–G–C–F. This tuning is a lot more aggressive than Dropped D simple because the rest of the notes are dropped a step, giving it a deeper tone through the neck. The downside is that you lose a full note on the higher end.

Next, is Dropped C. This tuning, on a four string bass is C–G–C–F. Not only is this tuning lower and heavier, but it can also be used to create bigger chord shapes, giving your harmonies more depth. Again, the downside is that you lose a full note.

Next up is C tuned to thirds, which on a bass guitar is C–G–C–G. This tuning is great for experimentation with chord shapes, and makes larger ones much simpler to fret. The downside is that you will have to get used to a different style of tuning, as most bass players are well acquainted with the fourths style of tuning.

These are just a few possible tunings; the key to finding a great tuning is to use your knowledge of musical intervals and put it to practical use through experimentation. You never know what you may find! I hope you found this Bass Alternate Tuning 4 String info helpful.